Seeking meaning and truth in Esalen

21 11 2013

Arriving in Esalen Institute is like landing in a picture perfect of the Garden of Eden! The farm and gardens are even more beautiful than during last August when I was here last time. Being alone, I got to eat quietly seating on the grass looking over the blue waves of Pacific Ocean. Esalen is possibly the most well known and respected center for self development and spiritual growth. Interested people and pioneer master teachers from all over the world have been drowned to come here for the last 50 years!

I am teaching a seminar on Mysticism of Music and working on my book focused on music, spirituality and promoting peace. What a great setting for introspective work and for writing!

I am eating my dinner slowly, and truly enjoying every bite. This food tastes stronger and healthier than any other food I have ever eaten! Being alone I could really feel every nuance in this food, freshly picked up from the earth just few hours ago by the good people who farm this rich land. I smell the salty clean ocean air. It is so good. This is paradise!

Few days later, my workshops are so well received that I have been invited to come again and teach here for a whole month next year. I hope we will work it out.

I love my students – all seekers of meaning and truth – and I feel so much love and appreciation coming out of them. They are beautiful people. Some of them work in the farm during the day and study with me at night. The spiritual teaching is in nature and in the earth. The work is not only done in the classroom during the seminar, but it also continues beyond the classroom as the seekers work the earth and service in the kitchen in the magnificent land of Esalen.

The stillness, quiet and disconnection from the outside world allow time to truly appreciate the beauty surrounding us such as the flowers, the skies and the birds, and this experience is intensified at Esalen. This is a place to look deeply, to see and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. It is a place that pulls inward, as the ocean and the constant sound of waves are providing a constant hypnotic soundtrack. It is a very good place to work on my book, isolated from the world, the routine and the daily chores. I will be back here for another teaching seminar open for the public during March 16-21, 2014 to teach about Sacred Sound, Meditation and Dance to Change your Brain and Transform Your Life. A five day intensive exploring the introspective and ecstatic practices of four ancient spiritual paths: Zen Buddhism, Kabbalistic Judaism, early contemplative Christianity, and Sufi-Islam. A fascinating seminar! you can read more about it here:

I hope to see you too at Esalen sometime in the future!


Healing and Transforming Consciousness Through Sacred Sound, Music and Dance

30 10 2013

This march I will be coming to Boulder, CO, to Shambahlla, finally! Over the last 20 years I have met so many people, specifically people who graduated from Naropa Institute who were compelled to comment on how much my work belongs there, in Boulder, CO. The seminar that I will be leading at Shambahlla Mountain Center is based on my work with master spiritual teachers of the East and neuroscientists of the West. Through my collaborations with such masters such as Pri Zia Inayat Khan – the head of the Sufi Order International, and brain researcher Mark Robert Waldman who wrote the best seller How God Changes Your Brain, I will be taking the participants through an incredible journey into their inner world,  providing them with a rare perspective into the worlds of Zen Buddhist masters, mystic Sufi leaders, Kabbalistic rabbis, leading neuroscientists, and scholars of the mysticism of Christianity. In this seminar that will take place on  March 28-30 2014, at Shambhala Mountain Center (For more information, registration or to request a free catalog: | (888) 788-7221) we will experience introspective and ecstatic practices of four ancient spiritual paths: Zen Buddhism, Kabbalistic Judaism, early contemplative Christianity, and Sufi-Islam. Drawing from the hidden wisdom of the Eastern  traditions of sacred music chanting, movement, and spiritual mindfulness practices I expect we will have a life transforming weekend at Shambahlla. These practices have been shown to alter the structure and function of the brain in ways that enhance memory, cognition, and social awareness. These practices also overcome the neural mechanisms that generate stress, anxiety, depression, and anger.

In each session we will focus on a different tradition, and sessions will demonstrate the deep commonality and love for life and humanity reflected in these spiritual practices. I like to emphasize that these kind of seminars are experiential, and will not be lecture-based. The focus is on providing a deep spiritual healing experience, including walking, sacred movement, ecstatic chanting meditations, storytelling, and poetry.

The night before the retreat, on Thursday evening March 27 at 8pm I will be giving a special intimate concert in Boulder celebrating the divine Sufi poetry of Hafiz and Rumi  along with sacred Hebrew music of the Middle East. It will be a unique program as with me ons stage will be my wife Carolyne and my daughter Silan playing harmonium and violin plus one of Boulder best percussionist Ms Kathleen McLellan. I hope you will be able to join us for these exciting events in Boulder at the end of March.

Peace be with you
Yuval Ron

Immersive theater off-broadway show called Murmurs and Incantations

3 05 2013

If you are in NYC in August 2013, please don’t miss my new collaboration with multi-talented artist Dahn Hiuni, who wrote an entertaining and humorous play called Murmurs & Incantations. The play provides a thoughtful meditation on creativity, family, memory and the meaning of life. I am going to compose the new score over this summer of 2013 and on August 19 I will be in NYC to work with the director and the actors on implementing the score into the production. I will be playing some of the sounds live on autoharp and some pre recorded tracks from my two lap tops which will be positioned in two music stations in two different rooms. The format is the new and fresh style of immersive theater where the audience members are led through several gallery spaces and ARE part of the action. Without knowing it the audience provides the production with extras, meaning a large amount of actors who do not speak any of the text of the play, but rather contribute with their presence. There is no stage and no seats. The actors are all over the place and lead the audience from space to space. It is also a mixed media piece as there is the use of a video along with live theatrical cast they play the various roles of the play.

The play which is produced by Guy Vidal contrasts the NYC art world and the old shadowy world of Poland and its tragic World War II’s past. My grandparents left Poland in the 1920′s to build a new life in Palestine and helped build Tel Aviv – the first HEbrew city on the sand dunes by the Mediterranean Sea. All of their brothers and sisters, cousins and parents, uncles and grandparents who stayed in Poland, were wiped out by the Nazi monsters that took over the Polish landscape. The play deals with the memories of and the lessons brought to us by the ghosts of that lost generation. What a contrast! Contemporary New York City and the dark shadows of East Europe War time Poland. As I read the script I found this contrast  immediately interesting from a musical perspective. I must go now….got to compose few more notes for the score…..

If you’d like to explore more about this project visit: and please also visit the indiegogo crowd-sourcing link: You may want to get involved and be part of this interesting project.

An extraordinary Musical Cultural Peace Mission Tour to Israel 2013

12 12 2012
Each and every day one ought to make a crucial decision whether to be in service of peace, hope and healing or to be in service of war, aggression and conflict. This May 2013 I am going to lead a group of my fans and supporters on a tour of Israel to meet the peace makers - the Jewish and Arabic educators and the artists who cross boundaries to raise the human spirit above borders and sow the seeds of peace. We will make music and break bread with the Bedouins of the Azazme tribe in the desert, party with the fabulous food and music of the Jewish Bukhari drummers of the Alaev Family, attend exclusive events with some of the greatest world music masters of Israel, such as Yair Dalal, and visit the historical and sacred sites of the Holly Land. Based on my intimate knowledge of Israel, I can say that the next 12 months will be a time for rebuilding, re evaluating and re organizing. No one is expecting security issues in the coming months. Things are quiet in Israel now. We are expecting that it will be quiet in May June when our musical-cultural tour will take place. It will be a time to strengthen the people who nurture the foundation to a peaceful joint-venture future, to support them so they would present an alternative, a real strong alternative to the violence. The musicians, artists, educators are eager to meet with us in May June. I am in touch with them, and they are looking forward to being with us,
The goal of our tour is to strengthen the courageous people in Israel who are creating trust, understanding, common culture and joint ventures for Arabs and Jews a a foundation for future peace solution.
Would you like to come with us ?
To sign up, get the full itinerary, prices and terms please visit the tour page at:
For more info email:
More info:  Look in the Calendar Page under May 26-June 7

Bringing Middle Eastern sacred music to China: creating a music video for Erev Shel Shoshanim.

21 08 2012

The Chinese director Justin Jia arrived in my studio this summer. He was interested to see how I communicate with my audiences about my music. He was also helping us to communicate with Chinese presenters who are hoping to bring the Yuval Ron Ensemble to China. We decided to have Justin produce and direct a music video of one of my songs. We have also created a version with Chinese subtitles to post on servers that are accessible to the chinese people.

I gave him three of my CD’s (Under the Olive Tree, Tree of Life and Seeker of Truth) and asked him to take a listen and pick the one song that touches his heart most deeply. Being familiar with the film and TV work, I know how long one sits in front of the computer to edit a music video, and how many hours they hear that same song again and again and again while cutting the video.

Justin took a listen and made a clear choice: Erev Shel Shoshanim/Shalom Salam. It was interesting for me to sit down with a young Chinese director and to explain the background of the song and the context of the conflict in the Middle East. Justin got the picture. He shot some footage with my Ensemble singer Maya Haddi, duduk master Norik Manoukian, and myself, and assembled some images from Jerusalem to elaborate on the message of the song.

This song is a prayer for peace for the children of Jerusalem, the Middle East, and the whole world. Please share it with your friends and family and teach it to your children, so we can all carry the message of those who are tired of war and violence and wish only to live quietly in peace.

Recorded by the Yuval Ron Ensemble in 2009 for the CD Seeker of Truth, Erev Shel Shoshanim features Maya Haddi on lead vocals and guest Bassam Al Rashidi on male lead vocals. Additional vocals are performed by Smadar Levi, Noor and Valley Beth Shalom Choir. The ensemble also includes Norik Manoukian – duduk, Jamie Papish – percussion, David Martinelli – percussion, Virginie Alimian – kanoun, Najwa Gibran – vocals, Sukhawat Ali Khan – vocals and harmonium, Carolyne Aycaguer-Ron – harmonium, whirling dervish Aziz, sacred dancer Maya G and Yuval Ron – oud and the artistic director. 

Music for Deep Movement Vol.1 is available now!

19 07 2012

Hello my dear friends. I am very happy to announce that my newest album, Music for Deep Movement, Vol. 1, is now available! This unique and spiritual album is a combination of music from the soundtrack to the film, EM Moves, and music from the groundbreaking performance of Kalpa, which premiered at the Getty Center in January of this year. The slow evolving, trance-inducing sounds will bring listeners to a deeper level of meditation, contemplation, and heighten your senses to the world around you.

Music for Deep Movement, Vol. 1 is a continuation of the music I created in, In Between the Heart Beat and In the Shallows. In this album I have produced a new palate of sounds and textures by combining both electronic and organic tones in the hopes to make music and movement become one entity. The music is great to move to as well to meditate to as sound meditation.

I would like to give a special thanks to Hirokazu Kosaka, Oguri, Hanna Heiting, and Emily Conrad for giving me the opportunity and inspiration to create the music for Kalpa and EM Moves. I would also like to thank all of the musicians who contributed to this wonderful CD. I am very privileged to be able to work with so many talented artists and I am proud to call my friends.

I hope this CD will bring you much joy as it has brought me in making it. Let it open your heart, body, and mind as you travel along your spiritual journey.

You can purchase this CD on cdbaby via:


A voice that will break your heart; with Najwa Gibran on a sacred mountain retreat.

13 06 2012

This summer is going to be an incredible one! Among other things, I will be going back to one of my favorite places in America: The Abode of the Message, a paradise oasis on a sacred mountain in the beautiful countryside of upstate New York. Aside from teaching about the sacred music of the three Abrahamic faiths I will be presenting a concert on June 30 at 8 pm, featuring the Yuval Ron Ensemble leading lady, my good friend and sister Najwa Gibran. Najwa is in my humble opinion the best Arabic female voice that exists in the Western World today, and on top of that she is such a classy lady with an amazing integrity and life story. In addition to  the concert she will be sharing her experience and  her insights into the art of Arabic style singing and chanting during an exclusive workshop on the mountain. Participants who will be fortunate to attend her workshop on the June 30 (at 2 pm) will have the opportunity to learn some of Najwa’s songs, vocal ornaments and her approach to vocal improvisation. You may hear and see Najwa in concert in the video below. I hope you will be with us at the Abode on June 30 to hear and feel this in person!




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