Deep Spirituality, Music for Peace: Mystical Music and dance of the Middle East

16 01 2011

It has been 10 years since a humble group of artists presented a one time concert in Santa Monica, California. It was called “A Concert for Peace”, by Yuval Ron and Friends. Now 10 years later – after many tours around the world, peace missions to Israel, Palestine, Morocco, Turkey, Korea and more – my ensemble received a birthday gift: a 10 minutes documentary with some of the best moments that were filmed during these 10 years of relentless work for education and a better future for our planet and our children. I hope that this video will bring our music and message to many more people around the world. We  are looking forward to hearing from you so we can arrange to bring our programs to your community as well. Please let us know you are out there, email us at: Please enjoy this 10 minutes video and please share with your friends. This video was created by Barry and Jeremy Schneier, good friends and good film makers from Boston who have been following us and supporting us for many years. I am grateful to all the good people who made this important work possible.




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