An extraordinary Musical Cultural Peace Mission Tour to Israel 2013

12 12 2012
Each and every day one ought to make a crucial decision whether to be in service of peace, hope and healing or to be in service of war, aggression and conflict. This May 2013 I am going to lead a group of my fans and supporters on a tour of Israel to meet the peace makers – the Jewish and Arabic educators and the artists who cross boundaries to raise the human spirit above borders and sow the seeds of peace. We will make music and break bread with the Bedouins of the Azazme tribe in the desert, party with the fabulous food and music of the Jewish Bukhari drummers of the Alaev Family, attend exclusive events with some of the greatest world music masters of Israel, such as Yair Dalal, and visit the historical and sacred sites of the Holly Land. Based on my intimate knowledge of Israel, I can say that the next 12 months will be a time for rebuilding, re evaluating and re organizing. No one is expecting security issues in the coming months. Things are quiet in Israel now. We are expecting that it will be quiet in May June when our musical-cultural tour will take place. It will be a time to strengthen the people who nurture the foundation to a peaceful joint-venture future, to support them so they would present an alternative, a real strong alternative to the violence. The musicians, artists, educators are eager to meet with us in May June. I am in touch with them, and they are looking forward to being with us,
The goal of our tour is to strengthen the courageous people in Israel who are creating trust, understanding, common culture and joint ventures for Arabs and Jews a a foundation for future peace solution.
Would you like to come with us ?
To sign up, get the full itinerary, prices and terms please visit the tour page at:
For more info email:
More info:  Look in the Calendar Page under May 26-June 7



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