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15 12 2009
John Silver


You’re music is the best I have found as it relates to traditional, near-ancient musings. Very inspiring. I will be in Israel and Egypt this February and will be listening to this stuff on my iPod all journey long. Thanks!!


7 09 2010
ruth banarer

I heard your ensemble at Valley Beth Shalom. ;It was great and could you tell me what the instrument you were playing is called.

29 09 2010
Yuval Ron

Ruth, it is good to hear from you.
It is called Oud.
Please email us directly at: info@yuvalronmusic.com and see http://www.yuvalmusic.com for more info.

Yuval Ron

22 09 2011
Bruce Smith

I saw you Sacred Music from the Middle East program in Indianapolis. Your music weaves the sacred spiritual heritage of sounds and truth into the timeless acts of love that everyone’s soul responses to! With joy, hope and above all LOVE thank you and the Ensemble for the warm heartfelt concert.
May the One God our Creator give you strength to keep doing what you are doing for world peace…bridging the gap, creating the joy, and bringing the Love of The One to the world.

Bruce “Lee” Smith

23 09 2011
Yuval Ron

Thank you my dear friend, I love your spirit and I share with you the message and teaching we shall follow. Let’s keep in touch. Please email me in the future directly to yuval@yuvalronmusic.com

I hope to see you in Indy again before too long,

Peace be with you ,

Yuval Ron

21 03 2012
Marty Stein


Kol HaKavod for helping to orchestrate a wonderful concert for “reGeneration” this past Sunday. Have you recorded the niggun led by Rita Glassman? If not, what is it called and where might I find it? I would love to share with friends who were unable to attend.


Marty Stein
Mission Viejo, CA

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