Two Exciting Concerts of Mystical Music by the Yuval Ron Ensemble featuring Special Guests at the University of Philosophical Research on April 26th and May 7th

20 04 2015


I have recently had the great privilege of curating an ongoing series of musical performances at the University of Philosophical Research. I had originally been introduced to the University and the Society of Philosophical Research when I was scoring David Lebrun’s film, Proteus several years ago. It was during that time David visited the University’s library to shoot footage of several of their especially rare books for the film. At the time, I only had an opportunity to see David’s footage and hear his stories of the University. I was greatly intrigued that such a wonderful collection of rare texts from different wisdom traditions existed in Los Angeles. Curating this lecture series has given me an opportunity to see first hand the treasures in the University’s library. Imagine, having knowledge not from just one set of beliefs, but from many different beliefs, cultures, and traditions right at your fingertips. It is as if I had come across an ancient house of wisdom in Los Angeles!

If you would like to share this joy of learning and musical enlightenment with me, I’d like to invite you to two special upcoming concerts in the next few weeks.
On April 26th, the Yuval Ron Ensemble will perform a special program entitled, Music of the Psalms, dedicated to the creation and use of Psalms in ancient Jerusalem. We will musically explore their ancient origins and how they have been used in both ancient and contemporary settings. The concert will feature the Yuval Ron Ensemble’s own Katyanna Zoroghlian. While many of you have heard Katyanna’s soulful versions of the Ensemble’s standard repertoire, her renditions of these sacred pieces are truly magical.

On May 17th, we will perform a second special program entitled, Burning Heart dedicated to Qawwali: an ecstatic Sufi Hindu-Pakistani devotional genre of music. This concert will feature my dear friend, the very talented Sukhawat Ali Khan. Because Sukhawat lives in the Bay Area and is in high demand around the country, this is a special opportunity to see him perform with the ensemble and not to be missed!

Burning Heart will also be a wonderful introduction to the musical practices of the regions that border Rajasthan, India as well as Sufi devotional music. For those of you interested in joining my tour to Rajasthan this coming February 2016, this concert will provide you with an enticing taste of the wonders that await us.

I hope you will all join me for these two wonderful upcoming concerts. The University of Philosophical Research is a truly special place and I am already incredibly excited to once again make music in an enlightened realm of spiritual learning.

To buy tickets or learn more, you can visit the University’s Event page here:

To learn more about my upcoming tour to Rajasthan India, please visit the tour’s webpage on my website here:
Katyanna at St john


Gypsy Flamenco meets Andalusi Hebrew music traditions

24 06 2010

I just came back home from a magical concert tour of the heart of Spain – Andalusia. This tour launched a new collaboration with the Gypsy Flamenco artists of Jerez. I brought with me a quartet of the Yuval Ron Ensemble ( Maya Haddi – vocals, Norik Manoukian – woodwinds, Jamie Papish – percussion, and myself on Oud) to perform with Jose Caraoscura, a Gypsy singer and percussionist from the Parillia family of Jerez – one of the important families in Flamenco – his two guitarists Christobal and Esekel, Carmen Amador – voice and dance – and our producer Mhijea, who combined Belly dance and Flamenco. As I wrote in one of the newsletters that preceded the tour: “Life is more than internet and books”….indeed on this tour we had the delight and fortune to have a body and soul experience which will always be part of us. Being there, I felt sometime as if I am on the set of one of my favorite gypsy films, but it was the uncut version, the real version!

I will never forget the dinner and jam session at Carmen Amador’s house, the night at the Cave and the evening at the Parillia family. I trust that these sounds and sights will inform and inspire my ensemble and me in the years to come, and surely will effect our life and work.

To read a full report on the tour with photos, commentary and music please copy the following link and paste it into your browser: